I was in NYC as most of the design professionals during the NYCxD ( New  York Design Week).. Besides many attractive exhibitions my focus was on the Turkish participation to the events. A young creative enterepreneur Doğa Kayalar, who works as a public relations professional has created a great opportunity for Turkish designers  within the event Wanted Design.The exhibition is organized for free by Studio M+, a New York-based boutique design collective to give designers from other countries an opportunity to showcase their talent and interact with the global design community.

Co-curated by design experts Sara Bengur and Roya Heidari, it was a showcase of exceptional talent, support cutting edge design trends from Middle East, and promote cross-cultural dialogue. With their inspirational multi-cultural background, curators Bengur and Heidari have creatively combined Eastern and Western elements, working different colors and styles into a surprising and unique balance. Their talented and artistic eyes showed through in the way they blended the audacious colors and patterns of Middle East with modern and sleek Western design aesthetics, thereby shaking up some established conventions about Middle Eastern design and decorations.

The exhibition design was managed by Müzz design, a young couple of talented designers: Erin Türkoğlu and Melodi Bozkurt, their objects were also exhibited during the show.

Wanted Design is one of the most attractive addresses of NYCxD, as the show is organized with the attendance of highly qualified brands and designers, harmonized with a bunch of new talents. Terminal Stores is  a unique and appropriate venue for such a show. The opening night was  a high fashion,as  I saw a long queue in front of the door  even at the beginning hours for the entrance. Paola Navone and Mr. Cappellini were the two known faces that I realized while staring around the designed pieces of works.

I was also influenced by the Rotring workshop taking place at the opening day, and the Parsons New School for Design… The school had collaborated with renowned design brand Aeraware in order to lead the project: Small Things Matter. The third-year studio aims to challenge students to design an inexpensive, point-of-purchase,”impulse -buy” gift item. Students have linked their designs to the charity organizations that will receive a portion of the profits from the sales of these items. The Assistant Professor Daniel Michalik , who leads this studio has warned me for a kind of ” award ceremony”  within the show, soon I enjoyed the excitement of  all those young ones  while waiting to be selected as the winner  by the jury. The dynamic atmosphere created there , was one of the most promising moments of  my visit. Congrats to the winners and of course to  all  participants ! I wish it would be a good example for the freezing design studios here !!!



Moma, MET or even the Italian Futurism exhibition at the Guggenheim was a total disappointment for me this time, but I had my most satisfying moments during my visit at MAD. I spent a half day at the museum and want to send my congratulations to the director Glenn Adamson.The exhibitions, all of them were fantastic.

During ICFF show, the ICFF talks welcomed Turkish designers for the first time, thanks to Gaye Çevikel, the founder of Gaia Gino.The other speakers were the architect Ali Tayar, who has a studio based in NYC and designer Defne Koz, who lives and works in Chicago. The talk was leaded by Wallpaper editor, Pei-Ru Keh. These 3 leading  figure dominates the Turkish presence abroad with lots of effort and of course by showing high quality work. Dear George Beylerian and Karim Rashid were also among the audience.I was very happy to be a part of this moment and to  have had  the chance to chat with dear Gaye and Defne during  my visit.


Now, back in İstanbul, and will be visiting Venice next week for the  Architecture Biennial, where Turkey will be presented for the first time…