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inspirations, talents and design work from a world known city istanbul; where different cultures, religions, styles live in an inspirational chaos. istanbul also enhances its existance by its facinating history and nature.

ZAMANE KAHVESİ (cafe for current time) : new local cafe concept; which is created by an agency, for one of the most wellknown chocolate brands in Turkey. Its a modern approach for the traditional ” kahvehane” where people can spend their time with friends, playing games (eg.tavla), drinking mostly tea and coffee, but also eating easy food at a good price. Here, the comfort, feeling at a friendy and wellcoming athmosphere is the luxury . Zamane Kahvesi is a place for every street and every kind of people.
Design, should derive from the traditional ” kahvehane” but also look modern and like ” a cafe for the current time”. There were also too much cafe chains around, those mainly serve as fastfood ( eg. starbucks, cafe nero etc). design should also differentiate from those and give the customer the right message. The message which was” this is a familiar and comfortable place, where you’ll find not only coffee but also tea, and all the other tastes you’ve missed!”
Design, focuses on elements of the traditional” kahvehane” and uses Mediterannean look, to get closer to the end – user’s senses. Blue and white is the main color, to create contrast for the other competitors concepts based on dark color scala. Also blue is emphasized to get attention that its rare use in istanbul although its a city of sea. The traditional elements of this regions architecture; colored glass and brass are the other elements those complete the design. The accesories are selected from antique shops. Books and box games are placed for customers besides “tavla”. The focus of the space is to be percieved as “basic and familiar”.